Leap Year Proposals – Girls Get Ready!

It’s one of those traditions that your Granny is likely to know about, but could it be useful for you on 29th February?

Leap Year proposals – say what?

Wedding proposals are still a fairly traditional affair. Even though lots of other wedding traditions have been modernised, when we think about the proposal we seem to harken back to long-lived tradition and let the guy take the lead.

Well, that wasn’t good enough for an enthusiastic nun called Saint Bridget, who way back in the 5th century complained to Saint Patrick that it was pants having to wait around for guys to get around to popping the question. You can imagine their conversation might have gone something like this,

Nun: Men-folk these days take so long to propose, why can’t the lady take the lead and ask him instead?

St Patrick: Well you’ve got a point. As a Catholic country it’s pretty important for us to get on with marriage. I see where you’re coming from.

Nun: So what could we do about it?

St P: Well, I can’t be too liberal, I mean you can’t completely upset tradition on the request of one nun. How about we set one day a year where women can propose to men?

Nun: It’s not quite the equality I was hoping for, but I’ll take it. Can it be a nice romantic time of year please?

St P: February already has Saint Valentine’s Day, so how about then?

Nun: Sounds good, which day?

St P: How about the 29th?

Nun: The 29th??? The date that only comes around every 4 years??? Honestly.

Take your wedding destiny into your own hands

So ladies, whether this is the truth of the tradition or not, it’s widely accepted that it’s cool and kinda quirky for you to propose to your beau on a leap year day.

And while you are probably not going to give them a ring, how about a different gift that shows how much you love them? Perhaps a gift certificate for dinner somewhere fancy, or tickets to an event, a rad item of clothing, or that elusive record/book/film/limited edition print they’ve been trying to track down for months?

The ideal gift box to pop the proposal present in would be an INDIKI personalised box from our Love collection. Choose from Be My Honey with a grid of honeycomb hexagons or Trio of Hearts which you can personalise with a message as well as a name, or Bacon & Eggs which is sure to make them smile. Or if you want a photo to do the talking, you can use our photo upload templates to create a unique box which will show a special memory for you both. Starting from just £7.49 our wide range of personalised boxes will suit whatever size or shape of proposal gift you’re planning to give. Our range is super eco-friendly too and made from recycled boxboard in most cases.

It’s easy to show how much you love them and how much thought you’ve put into your leap year proposal with a personalised gift box they will treasure.

Good luck!

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